International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics

Thanks for attending the e-Biosphere 09 Conference!

The e-Biosphere 09 International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics brought together 503 participants from 69 countries, including researchers, students, government officials, and representatives of NGOs and private companies. The conference was co-sponsored by the Natural History Museum, Encyclopedia of Life and twelve other leading initiatives, and was held at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK.

During the three days of the conference, participants learned about the latest capabilities and uses of Biodiversity Informatics and discussed the directions that research and development in the field should take in the next 5-10 years. Please take a look at the Conference Programme and Abstracts Volume to learn more.

The presentations made by plenary speakers are posted as documents and audiofiles. The abstracts and posters associated with the Street Fair are also now available online, as are presentations and discussion notes from the e-Biosphere Planning Workshop.

What is Biodiversity Informatics?

Biodiversity Informatics is a young and rapidly growing field that brings information science and technologies to bear on the data and information generated by the study of organisms, their genes, and their interactions. In doing so, it is creating unprecedented global access to information on biological species and their role in nature.

Results of the e-Biosphere 09 Conference

The e-Biosphere 09 Conference had three goals:

Results of the e-Biosphere 09 Informatics Challenge:
Six teams entered the Informatics Challenge. Each team demonstrated ways in which new tools are making biodiversity information accessible in real-time. To see how their Challenges unfolded during the three days of the Conference, click here. To read more about the Challenge, click here.

Results of the conference break-out discussion groups:
Each conference participant selected and participated in one of ten break-out discussion groups, designed to represent major stakeholder groups involved in Biodiversity Informatics. To see summaries of these discussions, click here.

Results of the e-Biosphere 09 Workshop:
The e-Biosphere 09 conference generated a lot of ideas from different perspectives concerning future priorities in Biodiversity Informatics. 36 representatives of the conference co-sponsor organizations and other major initiatives in Biodiversity Informatics met for two days immediately after the conference. They reviewed the results of the conference and agreed that e-Biosphere is “an open coalition” with shared goals and vision. Based on input from the conference, the workshop participants identified a range of activities that should be part of a 5-10 year R&D roadmap, and they proposed several for immediate action. To read more about the workshop, click here.

An Interactive Conference

The conference organizers tried to make e-Biosphere 09 an interactive, informative experience. Forty-nine demonstration booths offered participants a first-hand look at the latest developments in Biodiversity Informatics. A display area included 180 poster presentations from presenters from 51 countries. One conference session was devoted to ten Break-Out Discussion Groups in which the future of Biodiversity Informatics was discussed from different perspectives. Prior to the conference, participants interacted through the Online Conference Community (OCC), a series of electronic discussion forums. The OCC will remain open to support post-conference discussions.